We're back! CatCon is coming to you on Feb. 25 & 26, 2022. 

Catfish Conference is the top of events dedicated to the great sport of catfishing. Made specifically for catfish anglers, this is the event you don't want to miss.

139 E Dixie Ave.             Elizabethtown, KY-42701 | USA


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Incredible Seminars for CatCon - Louisville 2022

CatCon events are about sharing knowledge. Our elite panelists bring decades of expertise to every angler out there. Upgrading your fishing starts by 

Big Fish Dynamics - Tim Scott

Let's talk big fish with Tim Scott. If you want to predict the prime locations, read the current, upgrade your understanding of behavioral movements, and use proven rigs, baits, and more, Tim Scott is who you want to come and meet. 

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In case the event is canceled due to restrictions imposed by the State of Kansas, Missouri and/or Kentucky, or by the Catfish Conference team to prevent an expected outbreak of COVID-19, your ticket will be refunded automatically. 

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Catfish Conference is the leader in produing events dedicated to the community of catfish anglers in the world. With our initial conference in 2016, we held one yearly event until 2021. 

Family oriented & affordable - $7.00

At $7 per ticket for a two day pass (free for kids under 13), we make it easy on your wallet. Your family will have activities inside CatCon21 and also nearby since you're downtown Kansas City. 

Exhibitors are there to sell - you'll benefit from legendary discounts on pretty much everything catfishing. From rods, reels, tackle, boats, etc. 

See the equipment and Save tons of money on your equipment.

Learn from our elite speakers and community

We all learn each time we go out on the water or fish from the bank. Get knowledge from other pro anglers accounting for decades of experience. No where else can you learn as much


Kentucky Expo Center

937 Philips Lane

Louisville, KY 40209

Welcome to the Kentucky Expo Center - the largest venue in Kentucky. After our humble debut at the Jeff Jones the first year, we partnered with the Crowne Plaza where we had several events. Thanks to their help, we transferred to the KY Expo Center to get a stunning space in excess of 100,000.00 sq. ft of exhibition space. 

Upgrade your fishing with knowledge coming straight from top professional anglers in the Nation. 

Be a part of the energy behind the sport of catfishing, get your tickets today for you and your family. Share the passion and be a part of our great community of anglers.


Tidal River Dynamics - Capt. John Garland

In this session, Captain John Garland will share his experience on sure-fire techniques and tactics, understanding tidal currents, bait migration trends, and rigs and gear. 

Early Season Flathead Tactics - Capt. Mike Mitchell

Professional Guide and Tournament Angler Captain Mike Mitchell will share his extensive knowledge to get your flathead. Learn everything about locations, tackle, rigs and baits for your early season flatheads. 

Why CatCon Louisville?

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Drifting and Draggin' - Ray Ferguson

Professional Tournament Angler Ray Ferguson is here to paint a full picture on "drifting and dragging". With him, you'll understand the Santee Rig, learn about mapping and dragging tactics, understand the dragging weight options, and the "hang-ups and hook-ups".

Partner Hotel

Considering staying the night with us? Save over 45%*!

CatCon Louisville has partnered with the Crowne Plaza Airport Louisville since our second edition in 2017. This beautiful hotel offers a large number of great amenities and is located right in front of the gates of the KY Expo Center. They even have a shuttle that will drop you at the Expo Center.

$119 / night (excl. taxes)

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